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How To Detect Plumbing Problems Early

As a homeowner, it is inevitable that you will experience faults and malfunctions in the plumbing systems that make your home functional. This is why you need to learn how to detect plumbing problems early enough.

Failure to do this might increase the potential for major damage that can easily increase repair and plumbing costs substantially.

Most of the plumbing issues you will experience can easily be repaired by your regular plumbing professional. However, some of these problems might quickly get out of hand. For instance, even a small clog can lead to a major problem with your plumbing. Therefore, the last thing you want is to ignore these problems.

Here’s how you should go about noticing and detecting plumbing problems early:


Always listen for signs of any gurgling noise from your drains and toilets. The best way to detect plumbing problems early is by using your ears at all times.

These noises might give you signals that a buildup has started, which might later cause a clog in your sewer line, or worse, in your piping system. By catching the clog in time, you will end up saving yourself a great deal of water damage and tons of money in the long run.


Another way to detect plumbing problems early is to always use your nose. Whenever you are near your kitchen sink, or in the bathroom, try to smell. If the smell is foul and unpleasant, then that might be a sign of a sewage system going down the drain, literally speaking.

Rotting sewage tends to have an awful smell. In most cases, it is often a sign of clogging within your main sewer line, which might end up causing serious problems in your entire home plumbing system


Your sight should also come into play when you are trying to detect problems with your plumbing. This is, by all standards, one of the most important senses you need to put into play.

Therefore, if you see water dripping onto the floor, or accumulating on the walls and ceiling, call in a plumber immediately. These might signify more serious issues with your plumbing systems.

Detect Plumbing Problems Early On Ruptured Water Lines

Ruptured water lines rank among the biggest problems you will experience with your plumbing. In most cases, it will be easy for you to spot the water spewing forth. At other times, however, you might have some difficulty detecting a busted water line. This is mostly because the plumbing system is often hidden from sight. Use the following tips and tricks to detect for specific problems in your water lines:

a) Water Puddles

If you observe unexplained puddles of water and/or soggy spots in your front yard, then you might want to call in a professional to check if the underground water pipe is broken.

b) High Water Bills

Since you have been paying for your water for some time, then you know how much you need to pay every month, at least on average. Therefore, if there is a drastic increase in your bill, chances might be that you actually have a broken water line that passed your notice and detection.

c) Low Water Pressure

In most cases, when your water main starts leaking, it will cause a significant drop in your water pressure which later leads to a complete loss of water in your home.

What to Do

So, what are your options once you detect plumbing problems early at home? Here are some things to do:

– Turn off the water from the mains

– Examine the plumbing system in your kitchen and bathrooms

– Call in a professional plumber

In conclusion, it is easy to detect plumbing problems early by following the advice above. If such problems actually exist, learn how to act fast and call in a professional expert to deal with it before it actually gets out of hand.