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Signs your Water Heater Needs Repair

As one of the busiest professional plumbing company in Maryland, we can easily say that no appliance is more neglected than the poor water heater. It’s true, most homeowners couldn’t care less about the condition of their water heater—not until it breaks down completely and costs a pretty penny to repair, or a small fortune to replace.

Before you begin worrying about the condition of your water heater, luckily here are a few simple signs that can help you identify if there is indeed anything wrong with your water heater.

All you need to do to notice these five signs is simple pay attention.

Inconsistent Temperature

If you are met with an icy blast when you turn the hot tap or inconsistent temperature during a shower, this might be a clear indication that electric heating-coil is out of order or has run its lifespan. It can also be an issue with the thermostat.

Strange Sounds

Another physical sign that you cannot miss are loud knocking, banging or whining sounds. While this sign can indicate a problem as simple as flushing the tank of accumulated sediment, it can also mean that the water tank is damaged, requiring an overhaul and replacement. Consider these sounds as a plea for professional help.

Cloudy or Rusty Water

If you haven’t paid much attention to the water heater in a while, it might affect the quality of the water. If you notice rusty or cloudy water in your line or if the water carries a metallic smell, it might be a sign of faulty water heater in need of little care from the right team of professionals.

A Dangerous Leaking

It is one of the most evident signs of a water heater in need of repair. Remember, a leaking hot water tank is a hazard much serious than any other leak in your home. Repairing this issue requires aid and supervision of professional plumbers and technicians.

Burn Marks

It might sound normal for a water heater to have a few burn marks, but it is not how these appliances are actually designed. If the exterior has started to show signs of fire damage, it is a sign that the appliance is no longer able to endure what it was built for. Only a professional plumber can help you determine whether it should be repaired or replaced altogether.

Plumbing is not as easy and simple as it sounds, not when it concerns high-temperature appliances. At a highly affordable rate, we help you avoid all risks and get your water heater repaired in a timely and professional manner. Here is all you need to know about this specific plumbing service we offer.