Plumbing Services in Maryland & Surrounding Areas

How to Pick a Plumber

You have a clog. You have tried the liquid solutions that you found at the local store, but, the clog is still not gone. Yes, it’s time to call in a professional plumber. Where do you start to find one who will do a great job quickly and is fairly priced?

A quick search for a plumber in your area on Google, YELP, Facebook and maybe even the good ol’ yellow pages have given you some companies to call. So how do you decide which one to pick?
You may not put too much thought into your decision, but you should. Not only will a stranger be working in your home, they’ll be working with complicated, potentially dangerous systems that, if not repaired correctly, can result in serious damage to your home. In the worst-case scenario, bad plumbing can lead to serious health hazards. So it’s of the utmost importance to be well-informed.

Obviously, in an emergency, you won’t have time to do due diligence. Luckily, our company is available 24/7/365- so at least if you are in the Maryland-Metro area, your search will be easy.
However, if you do have some time to do your research, here are a few things to consider:

Are They Licensed? Plumbing is a profession that requires a license to practice. A licensed plumber will have the knowledge and experience to deal with the full range of contingencies possible in any given plumbing situation – and they’ll get permits if necessary. Beware of companies sending unlicensed “technicians” – while they might be able to do the job at hand, it’s not worth the risk. Don’t worry about our technicians- we are all licensed.

Are They Bonded & Insured? This is as important as being licensed. Mistakes are made even by the best, and accidents happen. When the unfortunate and inevitable occurs, you’ll want your plumber to be fully bonded and insured to cover any damages. Once again, we meet this requirement as well!

Referrals, Reviews, And Feedback. Check with friends and family to see if they have someone to recommend – some plumbers even offer referral programs for satisfied customers. Read reviews online, check BBB ratings, and find as much third-party information on their business as you can. We LOVE it when people search for our reviews on YELP, Facebook and Google.
We know that a plumbing problem is not only frustrating but it can also be worrisome. Go with who you trust and who meets the above criteria.