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The Dos and Don'ts of Garbage Disposal

Do you have a garbage disposal unit or are planning to have one installed? Consider it important to brush up on the things you can and cannot do with it. This will not just extend the life of your appliance but also help avoid repairs down the line.

Do: Stick with These Simple Tips

Any commercial cleaners like bleach, chemicals and drain cleaners should never be poured down the drain. They are corrosive in nature and can often damage your pipes. If you really feel that your garbage disposal unit needs some cleaning, do it with cold water. Also consider installing a simple filter to keep inappropriate objects from being thrown down the unit.

Don’t: Avoid Sharpening Blades with Eggshells or Ice Cubes

Remember that there are no blades in garbage disposal units. There are only impellers that are blunt, not sharp. If someone tells you that you can ‘sharpen’ garbage disposal blades by stuffing in eggshells or ice cubes, they are mistaken.

While ice cubes are too hard for the garbage disposal to break down, eggshells might leave behind a membrane on the impellers, rendering them useless.

Do: Use Cold Water When the Disposal Is On

When using the garbage disposal, make sure that you avoid using hot water. While hot water is generally known to break down grease and oil buildups, it might also push these deposits further down the pipelines. Cold water works by solidifying grease buildups, after which the disposal breaks it down into solid chunks, which are relatively easier to flush down the drain.

Don’t: Shove Solid Food or Hot Grease Down

Pouring oil, grease or fat down the kitchen sink is never a good idea. Pouring down liters of dishwashing soap after it won’t help either. Eventually, the clogs will build up until water cannot go down. Also, consider disposing food leftovers in the trash instead of grinding them in the garbage disposal.

Remember, the garbage disposal unit is only there to grind tiny food particles and make it easy for them to pass through the intricate drain pipes. Always use the trashcan to dispose of larger food items and grease. The easier you go on your garbage disposal, the longer it will keep work effectively.

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