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Dealing With Bathroom Plumbing Problems? Don't Delay Repairs!

Is waking up to a smelly and chocked toilet one of your worst nightmares? If not then it should, because only someone who has suffered through it would understand that there isn’t a suffering worse than this. We won’t begin with lengthy explanations as to why the bathroom drains clog in the first place, but let us simplify it by saying that it’s mainly because of the delays.

Delays are dangerous – to your health and to your wealth. Here are just some of the reasons you should never sleep on a pending plumbing issue.

It’s Not Eco-Friendly

Do you know that one dripping faucet can cause millions of gallons of wastage a year? It doesn’t matter if you can sleep peacefully despite that despicable noise coming from the bathroom, will you be able to sleep knowing that there are millions of infants dying due to lack of resources you allowed to go down the drain? No, it is not something we want for you.

It Can Damage Flooring

Bathroom tiles and floorings are usually the most resilient ones, but standing water can cause a lot of damage in a short span of time. If a plumbing issue is internal, it means the floor beneath the tiles will absorb the water and eventually become weak and unstable. Don’t let a lousy leak weaken your home’s foundation.

It Is Serious Threat to Your Health

The number of health issues caused by accumulation of water is simply infinite. While there are countries suffering from fatal viruses caused by bacteria that breed on standing water, in the US mold is a big problem that causes infections and other health problems. Mold prevails in moist conditions and bathroom is one of its favorite breeding ground.

The More You Delay, the More You Pay

Fixing a leaking pipe may cost a few dollars, replacing it might cost a few hundreds, but reconstructing the whole area because of extensive water damage is a job worth thousands of dollars. Not that we don’t want to make more money, it is our professional responsibility to help our clients save as much as they can.

So, while 24/7 Plumbing Services in Maryland are affordable and cost-effective, you can enjoy more value if you are a little more conscious about when to call in the expert. Don’t waste your time in DIYs and don’t assume that the issue will resolve itself. Just give isa call and get the job done!